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A Common-Sense Guide to FINANCIAL SECURITY

What You Know About Money Is Making You Broke

"Be ready for a complete personal finance paradigm shift, and to be inspired to begin your journey. This practical financial road-map is written in plain English for people who like me, have financial aspirations, little mental energy to commit to the process of a personal financial overhaul and even less interest in personal finance. If I were naming this book, I would have chosen something like, “Need Help Money? Start Here”.

Kandice Whitaker, MBA

Sterling Investment Funding



"If you've ever run into a store to buy one small thing, only to spent a small fortune, and forget to buy what you originally when to the store for - this book is for you."

Ted McLyman

Yes. I Need This Book!

Discover Your MONEY TEMPERAMENTTM and Unleash Your Money Superpowers!

Your MONEY TEMPERAMENT is how you naturally feel and think about money. It is a composite of your biology, beliefs, and culture. You have a very personal and unique MONEY TEMPERAMENT. Discovering your MONEY TEMPERAMENT will help you unleash your MONEY SUPERPOWERS and thrive.

Read the Foreward and Introduction...

What You Think You Know About Money May Be Technically Correct, 

But Inappropriate for Your Natural Money Temperament

Managing Money Well Is About Leadership

“Today, money is a common denominator of modern life. Like it or not, you must understand money - what it is and how it works - to function and thrive in a modern economy.

Unfortunately, we spend little time or resources on the one variable that determines money success - Money Temperament.

My mission is to change the conventional wisdom about money and financial literacy. You must know and control your money temperament before you manage your money.”

Learn How to Use the Revolutionary MONEY BEHAVIOR SYSTEMTM

Why This Book
Why Another Money Book 
Intro Part 1
Intro Part 2

Don't Wait, Discover Your Money TemperamentTM and Thrive

Give A Copy To Your Financial Advisor, Agent,

and Banker. Because They Really Don't Know You.

If Your Are A Financial Services Professional, You Must Read

This Book Before Your Clients and Customers Do.


What They Say about the Book

"Humans are emotional animals who think. We are not thinking animals with emotions. Your feeling-brain is in charge. Therefore, all money choices are emotional."

- Ted McLyman -

“95 to 99% of your spending decisions are non-conscious and automatic.”

- Ted McLyman -

“The conventional wisdom about money is wrong. Discover your money temperament and understand your behavior before you try to manage your money.”

- Ted McLyman -

“Many people have forgotten the economic collapse of 2008. After the fact, everyone was surprised to learn so many smart people were misbehaving. Why the surprise? Everyone was acting very human with their, and your, money. And it will happen again.”

- Ted McLyman -

"Today, everyone is self-employed. You must think like the CEO of 'YOU, Inc.' You have a unique and personal money temperament. Therefore, you need a One-Size-Fits-YOU strategy to achieve financial security."

- Ted McLyman -

“Human behavior is a subject of intrigue to me. About ten years ago, needing financial understanding, I silently sat and listened to Ted explain behavioral finance. And for the first time in my life I was able to make a connection between my behavior and money. Our temperaments, influences how we spend, save, and invest our money. Ten years later, I'm running a successful media  corporation and with a smile. I can attest to this truth; understanding your money temperaments is the gateway to financial freedom.”

Reuben Wanajala

CEO Leeds Press Corporation

“As a business strategists who deals in results and behavioral consequences every day, I quickly recognized the immense value in Ted McLyman's behavioral financial planning model. It represents a powerful paradigm shift that I believe will rock the financial industry, restore confidence, and create results.”

Tony Jeary

Business Strategist, coach, and author

“In his book, Discover Your Money Temperament, Ted is right on point that "You" must take charge of your financial planning. The plan must be tailored for you, not a cookie cutter plan that is applied to all. In order to do this, you must identify what wakes you tick and what your values are. In other words, what your "behaviors" are. If you don't do this fundamental step, the chances that you will identify, follow through and ultimately meet your financial objectives will be greatly diminished."

Connie Murray

VP of Manufacturing (retired) The Coca-Cola Company

“Ted McLyman has the sense to admit that even people who manage other people's money go crazy trying to understand how and why people do what they do with money. McLyman figures out a missing piece in the human money equation that others like myself have ignored for years.”

Paul Monson

Economist and Chief of Staff, USDA Forest Service

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What’s Inside the Book?

Easy Read - No Jargon

This book is for anyone interested in making better money choices — especially people who do not generally read financial or personal finance books.

It is an excellent "airplane" read. And an ideal gift for young adults, anyone considering a critical spending choice, and especially entrepreneurs.

Ted shares and explains cutting edge information based on his research and years of experience with people and money.
He uses a trip to "the mall" to explain why humans are not good with money. Part 1 introduces the money temperament and describes how your biology, beliefs, and culture conspire against you when spending your hard-earned money. Part 2 introduces his common-sense Money Behavior System to help you make better money choices.

Refreshingly, he does all this without using financial or economic jargon, confusing charts, and numbers, or references or recommendations for financial products or services. Read this book before you make a significant spending choice or commitment.

Part 1 - The Problem

You are Human, Get Over It

  • Chapter 1: Crazy Money, Stupid Money. Lays out the challenges we face daily with our money choices.
  • Chapter 2: Surprise — You are Not Very Good with Money. Why understanding your human nature and how you think and feel about money will help you make better money choices.
  • Chapter 3: It’s All About You and Your Money Beliefs. Why understanding your money belief system is critical to better money choices.
  • Chapter 4: The Rules Have Changed. Why what you know about money might not work in today’s rapidly changing economy.
Part 2 - The Solution

The Money Behavior System

  • Chapter 5: Your Money Values. Why knowing what is most important to you in your life is critical to making better money choices.
  • Chapter 6: Your Money Temperament. Why knowing how you think and feel about money will help you make better money choices.
  • Chapter 7: Your Money Knowledge. Why knowing how you take in, and process information is critical to your money success.
  • Chapter 8: Your Money Strategy. Why having a “big picture” money plan will help you achieve your critical money value.
  • Chapter 9: Your Money Action. Why a plan without action is worse than no plan at all.
  •  Chapter 10: Now, I Get It. Know yourself to make better money choices.

About the Author

Ted McLyman

Entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker, trainer, Lt Col, USMC (Ret), and Ironman All World age group triathlete.  

Over 30 years of award-winning experience, helping individuals and organizations achieve peak performance. BA Social Relations, Colgate University; MA Public Administration, Pepperdine University; and MS Performance Technology, Boise State University.

Founder Apexx Behavioral Financial Group, retired financial advisor/agent, economics instructor, US Naval Academy; Aide to the Under Secretary of the Navy for Financial Management; Head, Marine Corp Training Management Division; Commander, USMC Financial Management School; artillery officer; Executive Office, Battle Assessment Team, Operation Desert Storm.

Authored three books on behavioral finance, created Quick Scan Money Temperament Assessment; technical consultant to "Behind the Money" program at Impact television; and Director, Behavioral Finance, and Advisory Board Member at www.DreamSmartAcademy.com.

Ted McLyman presents a compelling story about how behavior drives money decisions and that the common wisdom about personal finance is wrong.

Building on over thirty years of experience as a leader, educator, financial advisor and business owner, McLyman offers a refreshing new approach to money management.

Discover Your Money Temperament, A Common-Sense Guide to Financial Security draws on his vast understanding of behavioral finance to explore why we continually make bad money choices.

Using self-deprecating humor and stories, McLyman offers a light and entertaining account of how our human nature conspires against us when we make money choices.

Learn More About Ted & Read His Blog

Discover Your MONEY TEMPERAMENTTM and Start Making Better Money Choices Right Away 

Or maybe send one to someone you know who needs some help. 

Note: Bulk book orders (25 book minimum) are available directly from Leeds Publishing. Contact them at info@leedspublishing.com or order below. 

As a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) I can't recommend this book enough. It is very thoughtfully written and provides a very common sense way to understand how you are naturally wired to deal with money and financial planning. This book is a MUST read for clients AND financial professionals! In addition to serving as a great guide it also makes a great "ice breaker" for financial professionals to provide to their clients. Very relevant and helpful content. Well done Ted!

Kurt Meuller, CFP | from Amazon.com

A unique, practical, and powerful approach to achieving financial security. Ted McLyman teaches you that through a better understanding of yourself you can make better decisions regarding money. If I had to recommend one book in the financial genre, this would be the one.

Dr. Paul Michaud, MD | from Amazon.com

Finally a readable book on finance because it’s about understanding yourself and how you think about money! This was a fantastic purchase!

Justin Annis, Business Owner | from Amazon.com

Ted's Blog

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