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Personal, professional, and financial success is about knowing and managing your natural behavior. These are your super powers. I'll help you discover your super powers and achieve peak performance.

Ted McLyman 


Two best selling books on money behavior and entrepreneurship.


Key note, thought leader, and subject matter expert.              


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Successfully build both traditional and digital businesses.

Represents a powerful paradigm shift...

As a business strategist who deals in results and behavioral consequences every day, I quickly recognized the immense value in Ted McLyman's behavioral financial planning model. It represents a powerful paradigm shift that I believe will rock the financial industry, restore confidence, and create results..."

TONY JEARY  //  Business Strategist, Coach, and Author

Will light up your room...

Ted’s passion will light up your room, providing attendees with practical ideas to easily attract prospects and turn them in to high-quality clients.

TOM HEGNA //  Retirement Expert & Speaker, Author of Paychecks and Playchecks

Your Business Behavior Specialists

Success is Achieved by Understanding and Managing Individual and Organizational Behavior – Everything Else is Execution

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Money Behavior Is More Than Just Save Or Spend

“Surprise. You have the same spending beliefs as you did in middle school.”Ted McLyman Spending and saving behaviorSaving and spending are “foundational” money behaviors. There’s not much more you can do with money—can’t eat it, dance with it, or teach it to throw a curve ball. Spend and save, that’s about it.However, it’s not so

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Money Temperament Infographic

Ted McLyman  I write, blog, speak, and consult and train people and organizations about money temperament. I thought I’d post my Money Temperament infographic as a reference. It will help you follow along, and maybe, also take better money choices. Learn More About YOUR Money Temperament Order Now at Amazon.comFREE Course: “Why Money Makes YOU Crazy”

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Quick Bio

Ted McLyman

Entrepreneur, business owner, author, speaker, trainer, Lt Col, USMC (Ret), and Ironman All World age group triathlete.  

Over 30 years of award-winning experience, helping individuals and organizations achieve peak performance. BA Social Relations, Colgate University; MA Public Administration, Pepperdine University; and MS Performance Technology, Boise State University.

Founder Apexx Behavioral Solutions Group, financial advisor/agent; economics instructor, US Naval Academy; Aide to the Under Secretary of the Navy for Financial Management; Head, Marine Corp Training Management Division; Commander, USMC Financial Management School; artillery officer; Executive Office, Battle Assessment Team, Operation Desert Storm.

Authored three books on behavioral finance, created Quick Scan Money Temperament Assessment; technical consultant to "Behind the Money" program at Impact television; and Director, Behavioral Assessment, and Advisory Board Member at DreamSmartAcademy.com.

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Phone: 706-394-4179

Email: ted@myapexx.com

Text/SMS: 706-394-4179

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