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Discover Your “Money Temperament” and Immediately Start Making Better Money Choices

Do you know that how you feel and think about money might destroy your financial security? 

Learn why it's important and how to fix it easily.

Money is hard because humans are emotional animals who think. And not thinking animals with emotions. - Ted McLyman, Co-Founder and Vice President at DreamSmart Behavioral Solutions


Have you ever run into a supermarket to buy a few things and spent a small fortune on stuff you didn't plan to buy?

Of course you have. Everyone has. Why? Because you are human. And humans are not hard-wired to work with money.

Your brain developed to keep you alive and pass on your genes. Not to do taxes, shop at a superstore, or retirement planning.

The Problem Is, 

Humans Are Not Hard-Wired to Work Well With Money

Research Shows That 95-99% of your Spending is Automatic, Nonconscious, and Emotional. DOn't believe it? Then check your closet, attic, and self-storage unit. What did you discover?

Scary Stats About Money Behavior Are Everywhere


Plan to Work In Retirement


Have A Retirement Plan


Live Paycheck to Paycheck

Why Is Money So Hard?

Here's what I've learned from a lifetime of working with people and money, and making many personal spending mistakes. Money management doesn't come naturally to people and traditional financial education fails. Here's why.

1. Your Biology

Your brain biology developed over hundreds of thousands of years to keep you alive in the forest. It is defenceless when shopping at COSTCO and online.

2. Your Beliefs and Culture

By mid-adolescence, you establish how you feel, think, and behave with money. And your culture is the single greatest influence of your spending.

3. The New Rules of Money

The rules of money are changing at warp speed. What worked a few years ago will not work today, or in the future. Technology is the game changer.

How To Make Better Money Choices

Your Journey to Better Money Choices Starts Here

The Only Guide You Need for Better Money Choices and Financial Security

Here you'll learn why managing money is difficult, and how to fix it in five easy steps.

the five Money Behaviors you must master to achieve your financial goals:

Money Values

What's important about money to you?

Money Temperament

How do you naturally feel and think about money?

Money Knowledge

What is your money learning style?

Money Strategy

Does your strategy incorporate your Money Temperament, Knowledge, and Values?

Money Plan

Do you have a "One-Size-Fits-YOU" plan of action that supports your Money Values?

Why You Need Another Book About Money


I wrote Discover Your Money Temperament, A Common-Sence Guide to Financial Security, for people who spend money but would never read a book about money, even though they should. I believe it's the book you should have read in school, but didn't.

Here you'll learn why it's difficult for so many people to manage money and five simple steps to make better money choices immediately.

The book is not like most books about money. It's about money behavior and not money. Why? Because how you manage your spending behavior is the key to your financial success.

I make you the lead character of the story. By the end of the book, you'll understand why you spend the way you do and how to use my common-sense "Money Behavior System" to make better money choices. 

Read this before your next major purchase or listening to the ramblings of a "one-size-fits-all money expert." It will prove to be the best money advice you have ever had. 

If you spend money, teach about money, or give money advice, read this book.

You need a "One-Size-Fits-YOU" approach to money because cookie cutter advice and solutions will ultimately fail. - Ted McLyman MS, MPA, BSPC

Book Introduction

Sneak - Peek

Scroll through this sneak peek preview to see if Discover Your Money Temperament, A Common-Sense Guide to Financial Security, hooks you like it has so many other readers. At the end, you can unlock the entire Introduction for FREE by signing up to for my posts!

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I bet when it comes to money, we are a lot alike. Have you ever run into a store to buy milk and bread, only to end up spending a small fortune? Do you have a favorite store? Why do you like it? Do you have friends or family who you think are irrational with their money and wish they were more like you with their money? You know you get money right — and you can prove it! Are you overwhelmed by all your buying choices and the 24/7 assault on your senses to spend your money? Finally, are you convinced that the rules of money have changed, but no one had the courtesy to fill you in on this little secret? If it helps, you, I, and a few million other people think and feel the same way.

I wrote this little book to help you work through these questions. The book is a quick and easy read — no charts, no graphs, no math, and no product recommendation. It is not an academic review of the current literature and research on how we make our money choices. There are many excellent books on personal finance that cover the subject in detail if you need more information. Think of this book as your survival guide to the mall — or wherever you make your money choices.

The theme is simple and straightforward. Humans are not wired to work well with money. The behaviors that kept us alive in the forest can kill us at the mall. Here are some truths I've learned about being smart with money.

  • Money decisions are always emotional.
  • Everyone has a unique money temperament.
  • Our money strategies should match our money temperament.
  • The old financial industry is all about products – features and benefits.
  • The new financial industry is all about behavior – temperament, and strategy.
  • You need to know your money temperament and manage your behavior to create wealth.

This book is about you and your money and not a book about “money.” I want to help you better understand how you think and feel about money. Once you understand how and why you make your money choices, I believe you will make better money choices. I’ve been working with people and their money for years. That’s what I do. Money does make us crazy. You are human. And humans aren’t wired to be very good with money. Once you understand this — that your money behavior is emotional and very human — you can start to understand better how and why you spend your money the way you do. In fact, “money crazy” seems to be our natural state. If any of this is of interest or concern to you, read on. If not, spend on — but you will have to deal with your money behavior eventually.

The book is divided into two parts. Part I is about money behavior —why you make money choices the way you do. Part II is about managing your money behavior — The Money Behavior System. I’ve tried to use the best laboratory available to demonstrate all this — The Mall. I could not think of a better place to talk about what we Americans do best— spend money. In Part II, you’ll meet “A. Pexx.” Think of A. Pexx as your “Sherpa money guide” who resides in your subconscious and helps you make better money choices. I hope to help you find your inner A. Pexx to help you make better money decisions. A. Pexx will help introduce and explain the Money Behavior System.


Part I: You are Human, Get Over It

  • Chapter 1: Crazy Money, Stupid Money. Lays out the challenges we face daily with our money choices.
  • Chapter 2: Surprise — You are Not Very Good with Money. Why understanding your human nature and how you think and feel about money will help you make better money choices.
  • Chapter 3: It’s All About You and Your Money Beliefs. Why understanding your money belief system is critical to better money choices.
  • Chapter 4: The Rules Have Changed. Why what you know about money might not work in today’s rapidly changing economy.

Part II: The Money Behavior System

  • Chapter 5: Your Money Values.

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Kandice Whitaker, MBA

Sterling Investment Funding, President

Be ready for a complete personal finance paradigm shift, and to be inspired to begin your journey. This practical financial road-map is written in plain English for people who like me, have financial aspirations, little mental energy to commit to the process of a personal financial overhaul and even less interest in personal finance. If I were naming this book, I would have chosen something like, “Need Help Money? Start Here.

Are You Ready to Discover Your Money Temperament?

The process is quick and painless

1. Discover

Start with the book. Learn why it is difficult to manage money and how the Money Behavior System will help you make better financial decisions right away. Just putting the book on your desk and glancing at the cover while shopping online will save you a bundle (I explain why this works in the book).

2. Uncover

Highlight key points in the book, take notes, and complete the Action Steps at the end of each chapter. Then, complete your Money Temperament Assessment and uncover your Money Temperament Identity SuperPowers. It will only take about fifteen minutes to complete the questionnaire and only costs about as much as a decent lunch. Is it worth it? Yes, much less than the cost of not knowing your unique Money Temperament SuperPower's Identity.

3. Unleash

Your highlighted book, notes, and Money Temperament Identity Report are your "One-Size-Fits-YOU" roadmap to better spending behavior. Uses them every day for ten days, and always before a critical spending decision. Your results will amaze you - and your bank account will thrive. If you'd like a personal Money Temperament coach to really get your money behavior right, let me know.

Because Behavior Matters All The Time, Every Time

Thanks for Stopping By. Let Me Introduce Myself.


I'm  Ted McLyman, MS, MPA, BSPC, Author

Co-Founder and Vice President at DreamSmart Behavioral Solutions

Today I'm co-founder and the Vice President at DreamSmart Behavioral Solutions and a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Marine Corps. 

During my active duty, I held many vital positions, including battery and formal school commander, economics instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy, Head of Marine Corps Training Management, and Aide to the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Financial Management.

After the Marine Corps, I became a licensed financial advisor and district manager for two national firms. After a few years, I struck out on my own, building two successful behavioral-based financial planning practices.

I have a BS from Colgate University, an MS from Boise State University, and an MPA from Pepperdine University.

I wrote three books on behavioral finance and financial wellness and I'm also a speaker, frequent podcast guest, and a Certified Behavioral SuperPowers Coach.

 I want to shift the traditional thinking on money and financial planning from products and services to managing Money Temperament.

Sometimes "Short and Sweet" is All You Need

Your Money Temperament may destroy your bank account

When you think about money, three things conspire against you. They are: Your Biology, your Money Beliefs, and the New Rules of Money

The solution is the five-step Money Behavior System. It is the front end that’s missing from traditional money programs. It answers five questions: 

  1. Money Values. What’s important about money to you? 
  2. Money Temperament. How do you naturally feel and think about money? 
  3. Money Knowledge. What is your money learning style? 
  4. Money Strategy. Does your strategy incorporate your Money Temperament, Knowledge, and Values? 
  5. Money Plan. Do you have a “One-Size-Fits-YOU” plan of action that supports your Money Values? 

That’s it—a common-sense approach to financial security. If you spend money, teach about money, or give money advice, you must discover your Money Temperament and help others do the same.