Success with money is about managing your behavior - nOT YOUR MONEY

money is complicated. we want to help you get it right

UPI Loan Fund Is Building a Stronger Economy

Our vision is to support low/moderate income communities and provide a helping hand to community members. We look to transform capitalism into humanism. We provide a unique approach in providing loans and financial wellness services to underserved communities. We are paving the way to bring healthy, behavioral financial wellness access to low income communities.

Financial Wellness

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What if What You Believe About Money is Wrong, Makes You Broke, and Kills Your Success?
You'd Want To Know Why and How to Fix It, Wouldn't You?

We are excited to offer you our custom Behavioral Financial Wellness Course

This important course was designed by UPI Loan Fund Financial Wellness Team Member, Ted McLyman. Ted developed this course exclussively for UPI to meet the unique needs of our clients and customers. It is based on his critically aclaimed book, Discover Your Money Temperament, A Common Sense Guide to Financial Security.

Discovering Your Money TemperamentTM Is
Your Passport to Financial Security

  • You'll learn why your biology, beliefs, culture, and the new rules of money conspire against you when you make money choices.
  • You'll learn how to use the five-step Money Behavior SystemTM to immediately start making better money choices.
  • It's non-technical - no math, graphs, charts, or product recommendations. (It's the course you wish you had in school.)
  • It's a course about money behavior, not money.
  • It's suited for everyone who spends money.


Discover Your money temperament and start making better money choices - Today!

Frank Crump,

UPI Loan Fund President/CEO

We all know what money is, but do you know the keys to good money management? Our Behavioral Financial Wellness course will teach you about your Money Temperament and the implications of money, spending, choices and the impact of each on one's daily life and financial security. You don't know what you don't know...let us give you the keys and provide you with the facts putting you in control of your financial destiny.

Here’s what people are saying ...

Kandice Whitaker, MBA

President Sterling Investment Funding

Be ready for a complete personal finance paradigm shift, and to be inspired to begin your journey. This practical financial road-map is written in plain English for people who like me, have financial aspirations, little mental energy to commit to the process of a personal financial overhaul and even less interest in personal finance. If I were naming this book, I would have chosen something like, “Need Help With Money? Start Here."

Reuben Wanjala

CEO Leeds Press Corporation

Human behavior is a subject of intrigue to me. About ten years ago, needing financial understanding, I silently sat and listened to Ted explain behavioral finance. And for the first time in my life I was able to make a connection between my behavior and money. Our temperaments, influences how we spend, save, and invest our money. Ten years later, I'm running a successful media  corporation and with a smile. I can attest to this truth; understanding your money temperaments is the gateway to financial freedom.

Kurt Meuller, CFP

Apollon Wealth Management

As a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) I can't recommend this book enough. It is very thoughtfully written and provides a very common sense way to understand how you are naturally wired to deal with money and financial planning. This book is a MUST read for clients AND financial professionals! In addition to serving as a great guide it also makes a great "ice breaker" for financial professionals to provide to their clients. Very relevant and helpful content. 

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President/CEO, Frank Crump

Frank Crump, is an international businessman having lived and worked in Asia for 20+ years, as a corporate Aerospace/Defense Director and Telecoms entrepreneur. He co-founded, as President and Chairman, a manufacturing company, which was named one of the Top 100 Black Businesses in America. As Founder, UPI Education, he maintains a passion for helping people in need.

This revolutionary course will change your understanding of money 

Learn why the conventional wisdom about money and success is wrong and the Five easy steps to behavioral financial wellness