Tips for a Successful Downsizing Move in Retirement – Andrea Needham 

 March 24, 2020

By  Ted McLyman

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Getting rid of stuff and moving into a smaller home can make your retired life a little easier. Downsizing means fewer chores, less yard work, and more time for the activities you love, like traveling or spending time with grandkids. Although downsizing can be overwhelming, a few simple preparations can go a long way to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are some great resources to ensure your downsizing move is as effortless as possible. 

Start with a Budget

Hidden Costs of New Homes That Can Burn Buyers

How Much House Can I Afford?

Mortgage Help for Veterans

How Much Does Home Staging Cost and Is It Worth It?

How Much Does It Cost To Move? ($605 to $1,645) 

Consider Your Housing Options 

11 Types of Senior Living Options

3 Reasons Why Aging in Place May Not Be Cheaper

Senior House Sharing: Are Senior Roommates Right For You?

Downsizing? What To Look For In Your New (Smaller) Home 

Get Help with Decluttering 

Is It Worth the Cost to Hire a Professional Organizer?

How to Help an Elderly Loved One Downsize

Less is More: How Appraisers Can Assist You in Your Downsizing or Minimalism Journey

Why You Should Hire a Junk Removal Service 

Protect Your Possessions During the Move 

Moving Insurance Tips: Do You Need to Buy Extra Coverage?

5 Tips to Hire A Reliable Mover Company

How to Pack Fragile Items for Moving and Storage

How to Keep Your Dog Calm During a Move 

Downsizing doesn’t have to be stressful! Offer yourself some peace of mind by making a realistic budget, calling in professional decluttering help, and protecting your valuables during your move. Take your time to make these preparations and search for the perfect new place to call home. You’ll be putting your feet up in your new house before you know it!

Andrea Needham

Creator and Editor 

Andrea Needham is the creator and editor at Elders Day. A lifelong writer, she created her website to share information and resources with other seniors who love living it up as they ageeldersday.org

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