How Can Women Get Back to Work After COVID? 

 October 15, 2021

By  Dean Burgess

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How Can Women Get Back to Work After COVID?

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The pandemic pushed millions of women out of the workforce due to increased child care responsibilities and women’s disproportionate representation in sectors impacted by coronavirus-related closures. Now that they’re ready to go back to work, women are reluctant to return to their old careers.

Burnout, poor work-life balance, and wages that don’t match rising child care costs are among the reasons women are disenchanted with traditional employment and looking for alternatives.

What’s out there for women seeking work that’s flexible, rewarding, and well-paid? These are the best options today for women who are eager to go back to work but not back to the office.

Remote employment

Remote employment introduces a new level of flexibility and convenience to professional-level jobs.

The best industries for remote jobs

Tech dominates work-from-home positions, but you’ll also find remote jobs in industries like sales, marketing, finance, and customer support.

Where to find remote jobs

WeWorkRemotely.com, Virtual Vocations, Remote.co, Jobspresso, SkiptheDrive, and FlexJobs are the leading remote job boards for full- and part-time jobs.

You can also filter for remote, work-from-home, and part-time jobs on mainstream job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor, Career Builder, and Idealist.

Getting hired in a remote position

Hiring managers look for communication skills, autonomy and independence, and resourcefulness when screening candidates for remote jobs. Resume keywords “remote” and “virtual” highlight remote work experience while stories about giving and receiving feedback, communicating across barriers, and solving problems independently help remote applicants ace the interview.

Home business ownership

Starting a business lets women work on their own terms with no cap on earning potential. Unlike the brick-and-mortar businesses of yesterday, today’s entrepreneurs increasingly work from home.

The best home businesses for women

Low-investment, high-profit, and home-based is the ideal combination for mothers-turned-entrepreneurs. Examples include B2B business services, home and personal care services, and online businesses like ecommerce and affiliate marketing.

Where to get help starting a business

The Small Business Administration, SCORE, and Small Business Development Centers provide free local assistance including counseling and training to small business owners.

Branding a home business

A brand’s logo, font and color selections, images, and voice shape its brand identity and provide the foundation for brand awareness online. Budget-conscious entrepreneurs can develop a cohesive brand for less using beginner-friendly tools like online logo generators, a free banner maker for branding websites and social channels, and AI-powered brand voice and writing tools.

Freelance and contract work

For women seeking the flexibility and autonomy of self-employment without the responsibilities of business ownership, contract work is an ideal compromise.

The best careers for freelancing

Freelance jobs are common in fields like writing, marketing, creative design, and software and web development. Companies also hire freelance accountants, HR and legal experts, and PR managers among other business professionals.

Where to find freelance contracts

Some job boards include filters for contract work, but the best place for beginners to find freelance jobs is websites like Upwork, FlexJobs, TopTal, Guru, and Freelancer.com.

Building a freelance client list

Freelancers are most successful when targeting a specific client persona. Tailoring services for an ideal client differentiates freelancers from the competition, informs freelancer rates, and fosters a loyal customer base. SEO-optimized content, targeted social media advertising, and referral marketing are three inexpensive yet effective ways to reach ideal clients online.

Women have more options for flexible work than ever before. Instead of choosing between work and family — or trying to do the unwinnable task of juggling both — women can launch careers that are built for work-life balance. From part-time remote jobs to reinvented self-employment, these careers may be the future of women at work.

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