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Attack of the Valentine’s Day Zombies

Danger . . . Danger!Alien invasion! Zombie attack! Subliminal mind control! There are thousands of catatonic middle-aged men milling around supermarkets and malls throughout the country today. The first thing that popped into my mind was Sports Illustrated. The swimsuit edition must be out. How else can you explain the numbers? Nope. That’s not it. There […]

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Money Is Hard Because Your Brain Is Hardwired To Be Lazy, and It’s on Drugs

“Your 200,000+ year-old brain biology evolved to keep you alive and pass on ​your genes. It’s lazy by default and managing money is not a priority.”Ted McLyman Here’s Why Money is Hard.  Your Brain…Is inherently lazy.Is wired to have a short-term, dopamine driven “instant gratification” bias.Defaults to “easy,” even if the alternative has greater long-term […]

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